WELCOME TO CODE CORNER, where community standards meet a clean and beautiful neighborhood! As your dedicated Code Enforcement Team, we kindly remind all residents of Matteson to adhere to our community guidelines for a harmonious living environment.

Best practices dictate that after garbage collection, containers should be promptly removed from public view and stored at the rear of your homes. Our goal is to maintain the aesthetic appeal of our community and ensure a safe and tidy atmosphere for all residents.

Help us keep Matteson beautiful and safe by embracing this simple yet impactful measure. Please be considerate of your neighbors and the overall appearance of our neighborhood by storing your garbage containers discreetly at the rear of the building. This ensures that no containers are visible from the street, contributing to a cleaner and more visually pleasing community.  Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to making Matteson a wonderful place to call home.

Together, we can create a neighborhood that reflects the pride and care we have for our community.

View the Garbage Container Placement Ordinance here: § 150.016 ADDITIONS, INSERTIONS, DELETIONS, AND CHANGES. ( (I: 307.3.2) 

Thank you for your cooperation!