The Village of Matteson is looking to develop a pool of Commission/Committee Applications. The work performed by the volunteer Commissions and Committees, appointed by the Village President, is an important part of effective local government. Naturally, it is equally important that these Commissions are comprised of qualified individuals interested in contributing time and energy toward making Matteson the best it can be.

For individuals that are interested in serving on the various Commissions/Committees of the Village, we have included descriptions of each of the Commissions/Committees below. Please review each Commission/Committee to determine where your interest(s) lie. Then, complete this application form and remit it to the Village of Matteson, Attn: Village Presidents Office, 4900 Village Commons, Matteson, Illinois 60443. This will provide the Village President and Board of Trustees with valuable information necessary to assist them in locating the most qualified candidates for appointments to be made. If there isn't a vacancy on your Commission(s) of interest, we will keep your application on file for reference, when vacancies do occur.

For the Commission/Committee Applications, click here.