Fire Department



Since its humble beginnings in August of 1894, the Matteson Fire Department has grown in a way few would have predicted; from all volunteer in the early years, to today’s department employing 34 full-time career firefighters. The Village of Matteson is located approximately 30 minutes south of the City of Chicago and is home to a large retail commercial base. This atypical commercial to residential base provides the community with a number of unique fire service challenges.

The services provided by the Department are as diverse as the members who provide the service. They include: Fire Prevention, Public Education,

Emergency Medical (paramedic), Fire Suppression, Specialized Rescue and Response and Administrative Services.

Its response area covers approximately 18 square miles serving a residential population of over 19,000. The response area encompasses several communities beyond Matteson’s corporate limits including Olympia Fields Country Club, unincorporated Timber Ridge Manufactured Home Park, the ITW Deltar facilities, and numerous unincorporated areas adjacent to the Village limits. These services are provided on a contractual basis.

Operating from two fire stations, the Department currently responds to more than 4,400 incidents each year. The two stations are strategically located so as to provide emergency response within a 4-6 minute time frame. The uniformed personnel assigned to these stations are the cornerstones of our Operational Division, providing both fire suppression and emergency medical services, 24 hours a day, when citizens like you find themselves in need of emergency assistance.

Throughout the Department's history, the statistics have changed dramatically, yet one thing remains the same. Then and now, the Matteson Fire Department is dedicated to excellence in the delivery of services to the community.

Contact Information:

Chief Michael Bacon           Dispatch Center
3445 Lincoln Hwy.           SouthCom Combined Dispatch Center
Matteson, IL 60443           21113 S. Dettmering
Business Phone: 708-748-5129           Matteson, IL 60443
Fax: 708-283-6606           Non-Emergency Phone: 708-748-5131
Email           Fax: 708-283-6633