Clerk's Office

Yumeka Brown
Village Clerk
The Village Clerk Office provides a service function to the citizens of the Village of Matteson as well as a service-oriented support function to other departments within the Village structure.

The Village Clerk's Office is responsible for keeping the official records of the Village. The Office must retain permanent documents, preserve archival documents, and index minutes to provide the legislative history of the Village. This responsibility includes recording documents with the county recorder as required and preserving Ordinances, Resolutions, and minutes of the Board of Trustee meetings. 

Early Voting 

For the March 19, 2024, Presidential Primary Election, traditional Early Voting will take place at the Matteson Community Center, 20642 Matteson Ave., Matteson, IL on  March 4th-18th. Monday-Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.; Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

Anyone who appears to vote at our downtown location before ballots are ready will be given an application for a mail ballot.

What do you need to Early Vote? 
1. Voters do not need to provide an excuse or reason why they cannot vote on Election Day.

2. Government-issued photo ID is not required but is helpful if there is a question about the voter's registration, address, or signature. Providing an ID can also speed up the process because we have ID card readers at every check-in station.

You can register to vote at ALL Early Vote Sites. NOTE: Any voter who needs to register for the first time or file an address change must present two forms of ID, one of which shows the voter's current address. 

Voting equipment 
Early Voting is conducted on touch screens that store every ballot style in the county, permitting any voter in suburban Cook to vote at any location. 

Ballot secrecy 
Your ballot will remain secret and securely stored.

Early Voting records 
The names of the early voters are available to the public and are updated each day during Early Voting. Please call (312) 603-0900 for early voting information. 

In-person voting only 
Voters who participate in Early Voting must vote in person. 

Live outside of suburban Cook County? 
For voters outside suburban Cook County, please visit your city or county's website for more information.