Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Administration Department Anthony  Burton Village Administrator (708)-283-4916
Administration Department Keith Chambers Deputy Village Administrator (708)-283-4985
Administration Department Lorie Webster Manager of Community Engagement & Special Advisor to Mayor (708)-283-4950
Administration Department Gladys Foster Village Administrator Assistant (708)-283-4917
Clerk's Office LaTonya Menzies Deputy Village Clerk (708)-283-4914
Fire Department Michael Bacon Fire Chief (708)-996-4096
Human Resources Department Dewayne Howard Human Resources Generalist (708)-283-4910
Police Department Mike Jones Police Chief (708)-283-4704
Police Department Jeremy Sims Deputy Police Chief (708)-283-4709
Public Works Department Gordon Hardin Public Works Superintendent (708)-283-5423
Public Works Department Edgar Deisch Assistant Superintendent (708)-283-5422
Recreational Services Lisa Hill Recreational Services Deputy Director (708)-996-4085
Finance Department Rasheed Jones Finance Director (708)-283-4753
Community Development Ernest Roberts Community Development Director (708)-283-4944