The Village of Matteson is governed by a Village Board consisting of a Village President (Mayor), Village Clerk, and six trustees that are elected by the community. A Village Administrator, Deputy Village Administrator, and Department Heads supervise the day-to-day operations of the government's activities. The Village Board performs such functions as:

1. Passing resolutions and ordinances
2. Approving the expenditures and budget
3. Levying taxes
4. Approving subdivision, zoning, and other land-use regulations
5. Generally deciding on important issues that affect the Village of Matteson

The Mayor, with the consent and approval of the Village Board, appoints department heads to direct the activities of the respective operating departments.  Department heads report to the Village Administrator, who in turn reports to the Village Board and is responsible for the implementation of Village Board policies. 

In addition, numerous Village commissions, staffed by Department Heads, and volunteers representing private citizens and businesses alike, focus on various aspects of economic development, long-range planning, residential issues, and community projects/activities. 

Responsive elected officials and a dedicated Village staff take pride in delivering superior service to the residents of Matteson. Through foresight and progressive thinking, Matteson officials have secured the comfort and well-being of Matteson residents.