NEW! Ivy Hue Dance Company Classes

Partnership with Ivy Hue Dance Company & the Matteson Community Center

Ivy Hue Dance Company is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by providing professional-level dance training while promoting cultural diversity & a love for the arts in an inclusive environment. We strive to increase diversity in dance and provide greater access to ballet for all children especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Classes provide disciple and build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-motivation.  Participants will develop better social skills, and academic progress, and improve overall health. 

Creative Movement: (Ages 2-3) 
Saturdays starting June 4th - July 2nd | 10 AM - 10:45
Fee: $70/per participant

Creative Movement is an introductory class for toddlers. Students will be introduced to different dance styles using pretend play while using costumes and props. Parents are encouraged to participate. 

Ivy Hue Ballet: (Ages 4-15)
Saturdays starting June 4th - July 9th
Ballet I: (Ages 4-6) 11-11:45 am
Ballet II: (Ages 7-11) 12-12:45 pm
Ballet II: (Ages 12-15) 1-1:45 pm
Fee: $70/per participant
In this program, students will learn a range of classical and contemporary music compositions. The program will acquaint students with the French language and introduce them to classical ballet. Ballet Barre exercises will be used. Students will develop body coordination while learning to dance with a group. Various creative movement exercises will be used to encourage the student's ability to express their individuality within the discipline of dance.  Classes are divided by age and taught with an individual approach to student ability. 

Acro Tots: (Ages 3-6) 
Mondays starting June 13th - July 11th | 4 PM - 4:45
Fee: $70/per participant
AcroTots is an introduction to AcroDance. In this class, students will learn basic dance and acrobatic techniques. They will learn forward rolls, log rolls, balance jumps, and handstands. Students will learn using music games and imitation. 

Acro Dance: (Ages 7-12) 
Mondays starting June 13th - July 18th | 5 PM - 6
Fee: $80/per participant
AcroDance is a fusion between dance and acrobatic technique. Students will learn dance fundamentals, acrobatics, flexibility, and intense strength and body conditioning. This program is open to new and experienced dancers and gymnasts. This class is designed to enhance dance training and skills. The student will also have access to an app where they can condition and practice their skills at home.