Outdoor Athletic Field Rentals

The Matteson Community Center offers a variety of rental options for outdoor athletics for our members and guests alike! Whether you need space for team practices and games, or if you want the space for family and friend festivities, we have options available to feed your athletic spirit!


  1. Baseball Fields: Our little league fields can be found close to our Eagles Nest and Community Center. These 2 baseball/softball fields are lighted.
  2. Soccer Field: Our soccer field is established for gameplay and practice only. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality for use. 
  3. Football Field: Our football field is located at the Matteson Community Center surrounded by a track. It can be rented for practice or game purposes only. 
  4. Tennis Courts: The Matteson Community Center has three lighted tennis courts located right off the back parking lot. The tennis courts are open to the public when they are not in use for after-school programs. 
  5. Outdoor Basketball Courts: The Matteson Community Center's outdoor basketball courts are located right off the back parking lot. These courts are popular spots for youth and adults to enjoy a fun game of hoops within their neighborhood. 
To rent one of the fields/courts we have to offer, please come into the MCC Business Office to complete a Rental Agreement Permit and make the full reservation payment. All Outdoor Athletic Field rentals must be confirmed by the Athletic Manager (Thaddeus Newby Jr.).