Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance

As is relates to property maintenance, the Division is concerned with four major objectives: public health and safety, education, public service and community appearance. The Division ensures that all environmental nuisances in residential and commercial neighborhoods are eliminated and that substandard and deteriorated structures become compliant with minimum property maintenance code requirements. The Property Maintenance Inspector addresses items such as tall grass/weeds (6 inches or greater), deteriorated houses, address numbers, yard maintenance, outdoor storage, inoperable vehicles, and garbage/refuse storage.

Existing Structure Inspections (ESI)

An existing structure inspection is required for all existing residential and non-residential structures or tenant spaces upon change of use, change of ownership or change of tenancy. This inspection will be conducted by representatives from Building Services and the Matteson Fire Department. These inspections will inform the potential buyer/lessee of any code violations or repairs necessary to bring the property up to code. Once this inspection is complete, occupancy certificates will be issued and/or building permits will be issued for any remodeling or additions that the new owner or tenant has applied for. 

Contact Information:

Rita Lomax
Building Services
Code Enforcement Inspector

Building Services Division: 708-481-8313
Fax Number: 708-748-2326
Hours: M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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