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Village Departments

Administration - As Chief Administrative Officer, the Village Administrator is responsible for the administration and operations of all affairs and departments of the Village, as well as implementation and administration of Board Policy.

Building Services - The Building Services Division of the Community Development Department administers the Villages codes and ordinances related to construction and property maintenance and assists in the enforcement of zoning regulations.

Community Affairs - Assistance to residents by any means necessary to insure that they receive the best services that Matteson has to offer.

Community Development - The Community Development Department is involved in all aspects of residential and commercial development. We have been very successful in expanding development in the Village in these areas.

Economic Development - The Economic Development department provides a host of information, demographics, and services from site location to development assistance. The department makes it easy to do business in Matteson because it understands the businesses bottom line and does everything to make the transition as easy as possible.

Engineering Division - The Engineering Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for the review of all residential, commercial, and industrial site developments to insure compliance with Village Codes and Ordinances, including the Villages Floodplain and Stormwater Management Code.

Finance Department - The Finance Department is responsible for the central financial functions of the Village. Duties involve providing technical support as well as participation in the formulation and execution of the Village's financial policies. This includes accounting, collections, and financial services, coordination of Auditing, Budget, Purchasing, Payroll, Collections and Information Systems. The Department is a service department that assists both external and internal customers. Our external customers are the citizens of Village of Matteson.

Matteson Fire Department - The goal of the Matteson Fire Department is to provide effective fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical, and administrative services to our constituents ensuring the highest level of public protection possible.

Human Resources - The Human Resources Department, under direction from the Village Administrator, is responsible for overseeing recruitment and selection, benefits administration, risk management, training, employee and labor relations, and maintenance of employee records. The Human Resources Department is committed to professional, consistent services towards achieving the Village of Matteson's goals and objectives.

Planning Division - The Planning Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for current planning, comprehensive planning and interpreting and enforcing the zoning ordinance, overseeing proposed rezoning, annexations and variances, reviewing site plans, subdivision plats and new development proposals as they relate to overall growth of the community.

Matteson Police Department - The Matteson Police Department exists in order that the citizens of Matteson may enjoy their endeavors in a safe ordered environment. The basic reason for police service is to respond to a multitude of situations that require a person with unique authority to assist in reducing or resolving problems associated with law enforcement and public order maintenance.

Public Works - The Public Works employees maintain the Village roadway system, repair street lights, repair/replace street signs, maintain the storm sewer and drainage system, tree trimming of parkway trees, public sidewalk replacement, maintain and operate the village water and sanitary sewer system, and much more.

Recreational Division - The Matteson Recreational Division is an interconnected network of community, neighborhood and surrounding public lands integrated with residential and business development. The Division provides broadly defined recreation offerings.

Village Clerk - The Village Clerks Office provides a clerk service function to the citizens of the Village of Matteson as well as a service oriented support function to other departments within the Village structure.