MCC Cheer


About Our Program:
The MCC Cheer Stars program (C.A.N.S. Cheering Against Negative Situations) is a recreational cheer organization designed to teach all ages about the sport of cheerleading. Not only does this program offer training in basic tumbling, stunting, motions, jumps and sideline cheers, it also provides students with value. Because this program requires students to spend a lot to time together and to rely on each other, this program also places a great emphasis on friendship, trust and fun. 

At MCC Cheer we are dedicated to training our Cheerleaders to excel in cheers, routines, building, self-esteem, promote sportsmanship and develop life long skills, such as leadership and teamwork. 

MCC STARS Competition Team: Ages: 5 & Older
The MCC Cheer Competition Team has the responsibility of representing the Matteson Community Center at varies Competitions and special events. Cheer season runs from July through Feburary, & we practice 3 days during the week, and 1 Saturday during the month. 

MCC SHOOTING STARS Sideline Team: 5 & Older
The MCC Cheer Sideline Team cheer for the Matteson Community Center Recreational Sports Teams, flag football games to basketball league games. 

  • Full Season: August through April