The Matteson Veterans Commission, under the leadership of Chair Trustee Juanita Hardin and Co-Chair Trustee Paula Farr, proudly presents the Honor Our Heroes Cook County Discount Card Program. 

Purpose of the Program:
The Honor Our Heroes Cook County Discount Program aims to create a network of businesses across Cook County that offers exclusive discounts to military personnel and veterans. This initiative provides a County-issued ID card to eligible residents, allowing them to identify themselves to participating vendors easily. 

Program Highlights:

  • Business Network: Establishes a robust network of supportive businesses offering special discounts. 
  • County-Issued ID Card: Provides a convenient identification method for military members and veterans. 
  • Public-Private Partnership: Combines efforts from both public and private sectors to honor and support our heroes. 
  • Financial Relief: Helps veterans and military personnel save money, acknowledging their service by easing their financial burdens. 
This program is a small yet meaningful gesture to honor those who have served our country, ensuring they retain more of their well-deserved earnings. For more information about the program and how to participate, click here: Veterans Info | Cook County Clerk (

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