Village of Matteson Community Partnership with CGI Communications

The Village of Matteson is proud to announce the renewal of our Community Video Program with CGI Communications, Inc. The program innovatively markets the Village of Matteson to new and prospective movers by featuring professionally produced videos on the city's website and social media platforms. Throughout a series of videos, CGI will highlight everything that makes Matteson a home for business and a heart for family. In particular, Matteson's Community Video Program will feature chapters including a welcome video, a quality-of-life video, education video and economic development video, designed to drum up interest for our community. 
Matteson's Video Tour Book will be the go-to place for those looking to find a wonderful place to live, work and play. It is the goal of CGI Communications, Inc. to provide the Village of Matteson with the latest in digital marking technology, in order to support Matteson in continuing growth and thrive. 

Click the image below to view the Village of Matteson Community Partnership with CGI Communications Press Release Video