COVID-19 Update

Gov. Pritzker Announces the Next Phase of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

IDPH COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Data

Here are the most significant points from the attachments:

  • Implementation of Phase 1b will begin when substantial progress has been made in vaccinating individuals included in Phase 1a and federal vaccine deliveries increase.  No specific date was provided, but the Governor expressed hope that vaccine deliveries will increase significantly in the next several weeks.
  • The age threshold will be increased in Phase 1b from what previously was for individuals > 75 years old to those that are > 65 years of age. 
  • Between the frontline essential workers* listed and individuals 65 years of age and older, 3.2 million individuals will be eligible to be vaccinated in Phase 1b.
  • The Governor announced that beginning January 15, 2021, any region meeting IDPH metrics may move out of Tier 3 to Tier 2.

*   Frontline essential workers, defined as those workers who are essential for the functioning of society and include the following:  

     - First responders: Firefighters (including volunteers) & Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). (EMS personnel are considered under Phase 1a) 
     - Corrections Officers 
     - Food and Agriculture Workers 
     - Postal Service Workers
     - Manufacturing Workers 
     - Grocery Store Workers 
     - Public Transit Workers 
     - Education sector, including teachers and Support Staff 
     - Daycare Workers
PHASE 1a Only_12.31.20 Vaccine website

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