Aqua Aeobrics

AquaFit Water Fitness
A revolution in aquatic fitness, each AquaFit class achieves a unique fitness goal in Weight loss, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, R.O.M.E. Classes combine an in-pool workout utilizing the water's resistance and the body's motion to create a high powered, result oriented aquatics workout. Classes are available to all members (no added fee!) so you can enjoy the classes you want to choose your days based on your schedule. AquaFit is a true full-body workout! It's not just your heart and muscles that stand to benefit from an Aqua Fit class. Working out in water is also fantastic for your internal organs and lymphatic system. Hydrostatic pressure, turbulence and buoyancy assist in venous return (the flow of blood back to the heart) and lymphatic drainage. These extra benefits help explain why participants feel so good after a class - the body is refreshed rather than exhausted. 

AquaFit Endurance
This class combines a longer cardio segment, with strength and flexibility training at the end. A typical class consists of warm-up to increase the heart rate. The actual cardio workout being vigorous activity that the participant modifies for his or her own level of fitness. The class finishes with a choice of abdominal work or body toning and a stretch.

AquaFit Strength
This class improves your performance in high-impact activities, including running, dance, or team sports such as soccer or softball. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you'll be strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to additional wear and tear - leaving your feeling strong and refreshed when it's time to give you all. 

AquaFit Flexibility
AquaFit Flexibility helps you balance out muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive actions. Working out in water provides equal resistance through your full range of motion, a phenomenon known as double concentric muscle action. 

AquaFit Weight Loss
If you are looking to lose weight, this class is a great option. One hour of water aerobics will burn typically 400-500 calories or more, depending on the intensity of your workout. If you were to run in water for 30 minutes you would see roughly 300 calories lost. This become a simple, easy, and fun way to lose weight!

AquaFit R.O.M.E.
Range of Motion Exercises help maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness or restore flexibility and movement. Normally people with arthritis should try to move each joint through its complete range of motion daily to prevent loss of motion and deformity and minimize stiffness.

AquaFit Zumba
Looking to make a splash with a low-impact, unique and high-energy AquaFit class?  Blending water resistance and Zumba, it is a fun ways to loose weight. Unlike land, water creates a natural resistance making each step more challenging allowing you to tone your muscles while continuing a low-impact exercise.