Snow Plowing Information

The following are snow plowing procedures for the Village of Matteson:

During a snowstorm, the first priority is to open the main thoroughfares or streets around Fire and Police stations, and School zones. Since each snowstorm is unique, we have to adjust to the conditions of each storm. The standard procedures are as follows:

  • For less than 3" of snow or icy conditions, we salt the streets
  • For over 3" of snow, we start by salting streets first, followed by plowing.

When we plow streets under ideal conditions, 4 passes of the plow truck are required to clear the street, starting with two curb passes. If the snow is falling heavily and the forecast is for excessive amounts of snow, we will only make two passes down the center of the street to keep the streets open. Only once the storm subsides, streets will be then cleaned from curb to curb.

Although we try to clean the streets from curb to curb, sometimes we are called by the Post Office after the streets are plowed because they are not able t deliver the mail because they cannot reach the mailboxes. When this happens, we plow the streets again trying to push the snow back along the curb. In the process of doing this, we push snow back onto cleared driveways and occasionally damage mailboxes. To prevent this problem after the streets are cleaned, we ask that when you are cleaning your driveway to also please clear the area in front of your mailbox.

Residents are reminded that there is no parking on the street after a 3" snowfall. Which delays the cleaning of the street. Vehicles that are parked on the street after a 3" snowfall are subject to a citation and the vehicle being towed. Residents are also reminded that they are not to put the snow from their driveway back into the street. This creates problems for the snowplow and for the resident. Those who put the snow back into the street are also subject to a citation.

Click here for the Salt and Plow Route.