Residential Tree Waste Disposal

Pick Up and Disposal of Residential Tree Waste

After any severe storm and/or high winds that cause tree damage, the Public Works Department will pick up all tree branches and limbs that residents place at the curb. These branches and limbs are to be 2-inches or greater in diameter. All small twigs and debris raked up from the yard are required to be placed in yard waste bags or designated cans. Bushes and vines are required to be bundled and tied with a yard waste sticker attached and set out for your normal yard waste pick up. This service is intended to be for storm damage only. Usually, this service will be for a period of one week after a storm to allow residents a weekend to do necessary clean up of their property.

Normal tree maintenance is considered to be tree "branches" (diameter of approximately two (2) inches or less) that can easily be cut into four (4) foot lengths and bundled. Residents are required to cut "normal tree maintenance trimmings" into four (4) foot lengths (approximate), bundle and tie, place a yard waste sticker on each bundle, and place them at the curb for their regular scavenger service pick up. Large tree "limbs" are considered to be larger than two inches in diameter that cannot be easily bundled and tied due to size and weight. The large limbs should then be placed on the parkway for Public Works to pick up with the chipper. You must call Public Works to schedule the pick up of these limbs. Due to the sap in evergreens and the damage that it causes to our machinery, we are unable to pick up these types of trees/bushes. They will always have to be bundled and stickered for yard waste pick up.

If a resident removes a tree, or has a tree removed, from their private property, the person or firm engaged to remove the tree is responsible for the disposal of the entire tree. When a tree service company is employed to cut down a tree on private property they will not be allowed to save logs, firewood, etc. and then call the Village to pick up the unwanted branches and debris. When this happens, the resident will be informed that the tree service, or the resident themselves is responsible for the disposal of the complete tree.