Accreditation Review and Department Policies

An assessment team from the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP) will be in Matteson on May 26th and May 27th to examine all aspects of the Matteson Police Department's policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services. The assessment team is composed of public safety practitioners from other agencies throughout Illinois. The assessors will review written material, interview individuals, visit officers, conduct ride-along, and inspect other locations where compliance can be witnessed. The Matteson Police Department has chosen to undergo this voluntary process to gain accreditation, which has been a top priority for Chief Michael B. Jones and his command staff.

Accreditation requires proof of meeting or exceeding 69 areas of ILEAP standards. These are policy guidelines that represent best practices for delivering high-quality service to the community. Chief Jones explained that "accreditation is a living, breathing embodiment of what a top-tier police department should strive for and live up to. Accreditation ensures that our police department continues to show our community, and all the surrounding communities, that we maintain the highest level of professionalism, while we continue to set a standard for accountability and transparency."

The Matteson Police Department will be evaluated in the following areas:


  • Use of Force
  • Capital Assets/Budgets and Fiscal Management
  • Property and Evidence Control
  • Internal Agency Investigations/Internal Affairs


  • Patrol
  • Unusual Occurrences
  • Special Operations
  • Traffic
  • Prisoner/Patient/Non-Police Persons Transport


  • Selection and Hiring
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Disciplinary Procedures


  • Recruit Training
  • Specialized In-Service Training

Department Policies

The Matteson Police Department continues to strive for professionalism through perseverance and transparency. In our continuing efforts to build strong, positive relationships with all members of our community, we have published our policies on the Village’s website. Our policies are tried and true practices that are the embodiment of what we expect from our police officers as we move through 21st-century policing.
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