Why has the Village of Matteson decided to implement an Automated Red Light Photo Enforcement Program?

Where are the Red Light Cameras located?

What is a Red Light Violation?

Can I see the images of my vehicle online?

Will the red light camera take a picture of the driver of the vehicle?

What if I am already in the intersection, when the light turns red?

What if I was not driving at the time of the recorded violation? Do I still have to pay the ticket?

What are the defenses to a Red Light Violation?

What if the car was a rental?

Do red light cameras violate a motorist's privacy?

Isn't the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?

How much is the fine?

How much time do I have to pay?

How can I pay the fine?

If I pay the fine, will it go against my driving record?

Can I make installment payments?

What if I have other questions that were not answered here?