Citizen Compliments & Complaints

Citizen Complaint Procedure

The ability of the Matteson Police Department to investigate and resolve complaints and allegations of misconduct against all Department personnel is paramount in efforts to maintain public trust. The rights of the employee, as well as those of the public, must and shall be preserved. Additionally, any investigation arising from a complaint must be conducted in a fair manner with the truth as its primary objective. The Matteson Police Department will accept all complaints against the Department or its employees and investigate them fully. All complaints and allegations of misconduct against the Matteson Police Department or its employees will be addressed and resolved in a professional manner by the department.

A citizen complaint is defined as an allegation by an individual that a Department employee has misused authority, acted illegally or unethically, and/or violated Village or Departmental rules. If you feel that your complaint meets one or more of these criteria, request to speak with a supervisor to have the complaint heard, investigated thoroughly, and upon conclusion of the investigation, be notified of the outcome. Citizen complaint forms can be obtained through the Village's website or at the police department. Once completed, they can be submitted to the department electronically, in person, or through the mail.

Click here to download the citizen complaint form.