Keep The Wreath Red


The Matteson Fire Department will once again team up with the Illinois Fire Chief’s Association and neighboring fire departments in the “Keep The Wreath Red” program. This year, the program will run for the entire month of December 2018.

“Keep The Wreath Red” is a holiday fire safety program designed to increase fire safety awareness. A holiday wreath will hang on the outside of both fire stations.  In the event of a holiday-related fire, firefighters will replace one of the red bulbs with a white one. The goal is to keep the bulbs on that wreath red. Fire safety reminders for a safe holiday season include:

  • Please keep fire hydrants clear and accessible. Do not place anything around the fire hydrant, such as garbage containers and excessive piles of snow that would limit its use or make it difficult to find in an emergency.
  • Check all your illuminated decorations to make sure they are in good condition. Light strands that have frayed or cracked wires should be thrown away and replaced with UL-approved devices. Outside cords should be approved for exterior uses and inside cords should not be placed under carpets or throw rugs.
  • Keep live Christmas trees watered frequently. Be aware of your tree’s life and when it becomes brittle, discontinue using the lights. Always turn off the lights when leaving your home.
  • Make sure your fireplace is in good working order and the chimney is free from obstructions and creosote build-up. Christmas wrappings and tree branches are not to be burned in the fireplace. Their intense and rapid burning can cause chimney fires and flames to extend out of the firebox into your home.
  • Be careful with candle use. Never leave a candle unattended and always place them out of reach from children.
  • Do not overload extension cords or outlets with excessive holiday lights. Follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. Also, be conscious of where you place extension cords. Keep them away from heaters, out from underneath rugs, and anywhere else that they may become damaged.
  • As always, check your smoke detectors and make sure they are in good working order. If you did not change the batteries when you changed your clocks on daylight savings time, change them now.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the Village Fire Department at 708-748-5129.  Have a safe and happy holiday!