High Wind Danger

With spring upon us, the Matteson Fire Department would like to remind residents about the dangers that high winds bring to the area. The Matteson Fire Department suggests the following steps to keep you and your property safe during the windy Spring months.

  • Inspect the house and yard. Look for items that can move, fall break or cause a fire;
  • Make trees more wind resistant. Removing diseased and damaged limbs will reduce the possibility of them falling in high winds;
  • Move or secure lawn furniture. Lawn furniture, outdoor decorations, trash cans, hanging plants, or anything else that can be picked up by the wind, can become a projectile and cause damage to your or other property;
  • Slow down when driving. Maintain enough distance with the car in front of you when blowing dust lowers visibility;
  • Electrical Power Lines. Do not attempt to remove any electrical wires that fall on or near your home or vehicle; call 911 immediately.