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Fire Prevention
In Matteson, fire prevention is recognized as an essential component in the overall fire suppression effort. The Fire Prevention Division focuses on identifying fire and life safety hazards through routine fire inspections at both the Company and Staff levels. A Shift Commander who reports directly to the Fire Chief heads the Fire Prevention Bureau. While voluntary compliance with Code violations is the goal, the Village has in place a Hearing Officer for adjudication of matters not voluntarily resolved.

Fire Protection Systems
General Information  Plan Review  Inspections

General Information
Current code adoption :
The Village of Matteson has adopted the following codes:

  • International Building Code (IBC) 2018 edition with local amendments
  • International Fire Code (IFC) 2018 edition with local amendments

The Matteson Fire Department is the authority having jurisdiction for the plan review and acceptance testing of fire protection systems. This includes new systems and alterations or modifications to existing systems. Fire protection systems include, but are not limited to, sprinkler systems, dry pipe systems, standpipe systems, kitchen hood systems, etc. All required fire protection systems must be approved by the Fire Department before the occupancy permit will be issued.

Fire Suppression Systems:
A Fire Suppression system shall be installed and maintained in the following occupancies:

An automatic sprinkler system designed to meet the criteria outlined in NFPA 13D shall be installed in all newly constructed one and two-family homes, Group R-3 and R-4 congregate living facilities, and townhouses within the Village of Matteson. The automatic sprinkler system for newly constructed Group R occupancies up to and including four stories in height shall meet the design criteria found in NFPA 13R. All other occupancy classifications shall be designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 13.

In addition to the requirements outlined in NFPA 13, the following local requirements shall be met:

  • All control valves for the sprinkler system must be supervised with tamper switches.
  • A post indicator valve or wall indicator valve is required on the supply side of the sprinkler system and must be protected (single-family dwellings and multi-family units exempt). 
  • Separate control valves are required for each floor in multi-story buildings and/or each occupancy in a multi-unit commercial building. Separate flow switches are required for each floor/occupancy as outlined above.
  • The Fire Department connection shall be located near the main entrance to the occupancy. This connection shall be located at least forty (40) feet, but not more than one hundred (100) feet from a fire hydrant.
  • The entire system shall be supervised, zoned, and annunciated in accordance with NFPA 13, 72 and the International Building Code in effect at the time of construction. Additionally, all flow switches shall be connected to a strobe light to activate the strobe light when an alarm condition exists. The location of the strobe light shall be on the front of the occupancy in close proximity to the main entrance when possible to be seen from the street.

All existing buildings covered by this section shall conform to this ordinance when:

  • Change in occupancy classification.
  • Alterations or damages exceeding 50% of the physical value of the structure (Except 13D Systems).
  • The physical value shall be determined by an appraisal of the structure exclusive of land and furnishings. If there is a dispute as to the physical value of the structure, the matter will be remedied through the appeals process outlined in this Code. 

Standpipe Systems:
All buildings three or more stories in height and all buildings in which the floor level of the lowest story is located more than thirty feet below the highest level of fire department vehicle access shall have standpipe systems installed throughout in accordance with the Matteson Building Code. The standpipes shall have an approved fire department connection with 2.5-inch hose connections at each floor level (Class One).

Plan Review Information
Plans for each fire suppression system must be submitted to the Matteson Fire Department, Attention: Fire Prevention Bureau, 3445 W. 211th Street, Matteson, Illinois 60443 for review purposes. Plans are generally reviewed and written comments are provided within 10-14 working days. After the review is completed, the applicant will be furnished with at least one (1) set of stamped drawings, which are required to be on-site and available for the Fire Department Inspector.

The plan submittal shall include:

  • A minimum of three (3) sets of plans for each fire protection system
  • Fire protection system calculations
  • Manufacturer's specification sheets on all devices
  • Fire Protection System Application Form

A submitted fire suppression system may be reviewed in-house or outsourced to a firm selected by the Village. The fee scheduled for review is $200.00 in-house or the cost of review plus $100.00 if outsourced.  All fees shall be borne by the permit applicant and include an underground flush test, a rough inspection of piping, a hydrostatic test, and a final acceptance/performance test.

Fire suppression systems must be designed, installed, and function in accordance with locally adopted codes and locally adopted amendments to the codes. This information and other general information regarding fire protection systems are available from the Matteson Fire Department. To obtain this information, call 708-748-5129.

Inspection Information
Fire suppression systems must be inspected at certain intervals during construction according to the following schedule:

Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Kitchen Hood Systems:

  • Trip/Dump test (Includes verification of fire panel zoning)
  • Final acceptance/performance test

Other Systems :

  •  Information is provided on the plan review comment sheet/form, included with your permit.

Inspections may be scheduled by calling 708-748-5129 forty-eight (48) hours in advance. All appropriate installers must be present at the time of acceptance testing.

If an inspection/test fails, the Fire Department will attempt to accommodate the fire protection system installer’s request by scheduling a re-test at the earliest convenience. Any re-inspection/re-test will result in a fee of no less than $100.00.