Floodplain & Stormwater Management Code




Being an Ordinance enacting Chapter 164 of the Code of Ordinances of the Village of Matteson, Cook County, Illinois, entitled, “The Village of Matteson Floodplain and Stormwater Management Code providing for regulating installations and improvements within water courses; requiring permits, payment of fees and assurances of completions; and providing for inspections and control of work”.


Adopted by the
President and Board of Trustees
of the Village of Matteson

July 1, 1991

Amended October 16, 2000

Published by the authority of the
President and Board of Trustees
of the Village of Matteson
Cook County, Illinois


Table of Contents

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Article I.          General Provisions - (18 pages total)

164.101           Purpose
164.102           Definitions and Terms
164.103           Authority of Director
164.104           Applicability
164.105           Other Regulations
164.106           General Considerations
164.107           Discharge of Private Stormwater
164.108           Obstructions in Watercourses
164.109           Deposits Prohibited
164.110           Maintenance of Watercourses and Drainage Facilities
164.111           Routine Inspections
164.112           Benchmarks
164.113           Appeals
164.114           Penalty
164.115           Abrogation and Greater Restrictions
164.116           Severability
164.117           Effective Date

Article II.        Site Development Permits - (11 pages total)

164.201           Site Development Permit Requirements
164.202           Other Agency Permits
164.203           Permit Applications, General
164.204           Permitting Process
164.205           Plans Required
164.206           Submittals for Sites Affected by Drainage Courses
164.207           Submittals for Improvements within Regulatory Floodway
164.208           Other Submittals
164.209           Review of Site Permit Applications
164.210           Exception from Permit Requirements
164.211           Site Development Completion Certificate Required
164.212           Permit Limitations
164.213           Revocation of a Permit
164.214           Fees and Charges
164.215           Time Limits
164.216           Conditions of Approval
164.217           Liability

Article III.      Floodplain Regulations - (17 pages total)

164.301           Duties of the Director
164.302           Improvements within Flood Fringes
164.303           Allowable Uses in Floodways
164.304           Setback and Buffer Strip Requirements
164.305           Variances from Floodplain Regulations
164.306           Disclaimer of Liability
164.307           Base Flood Elevation
164.308           Occupation and Use of Flood Fringe Areas
164.309           Preservation of Identified Floodways
164.310           Public Health Standards
164.311           Protecting Buildings
164.312           Protection by Landfills
164.313           Protection by Elevating
164.314           Other Protective Measures
164.315           Protecting Accessory Structures
164.316           Altering Non-conforming Structures.
164.317           Occupation and Use of SFHA Areas
                             Where Floodways Are Not Identified

Article IV.       Stormwater Detention - (10 pages total)

164.401           Detention Required
164.402           Exceptions
164.403           Drainage Plan Required
164.404           Minimization of Runoff Volumes and Rates
164.405           Release Rates
164.406           Water Quality and Multiple Uses
164.407           Hydrologic Design Procedures
164.408           Hydraulic Design Procedures
164.409           Wet Basins
164.410           Dry Basins
164.411           Safety
164.412           Infiltration Practices
164.413           Detention in Floodplains
164.414           Detention in Wetlands
164.415           General Detention Considerations for Water Quality
164.416           Protection of Depressional Storage
164.417           Protection of Wetlands
164.418           Flows from Tributary Areas
164.419           Early Completion of Detention Facilities
164.420           Fee in Lieu of Detention

Article V.        Erosion Control Regulations - (3 pages total)

164.501           General Criteria and Standards
164.502           Standards for Design
164.503           Standards for Conducting Improvement Work
164.504           Activities in Floodways
164.505           Special Precautions

 Article VI.       Assurances of Completion - (2 pages total)

164.601           Assurances Required
164.602           Conditions
164.603           Failure to Complete Work
164.604           Assurances through Loan Commitment
164.605           Exceptions

Article VII.     Inspections and Testing - (1 page total)

164.701           Consent for Inspections
164.702           Surveillance to be Provided
164.703           Testing Required
164.704           Cost for Testing
164.705           Exceptions