Chicago Freedom Movement 1965-66
Posted by the Community Affairs Department
January 19, 2017

The Chicago Freedom Movement 1965-1966

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In Celebration of the
50th Anniversary of the
Fair Housing Act of 1968

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Chicago Freedom Movement 1965-1966
Photography Exhibit


The Chicago Freedom Movement Photography Exhibit is a small but revealing snapshot of Dr. Martin Luther King's visit and marches in Chicago, and of both the ugliness and beauty of the response to open housing by the people of Chicago. In remembrance and celebration of the Chicago Freedom Movement's fight for fair housing, Bernard J. Kleina assembled his rare and historic color photographs that depict that struggle. The photography exhibit reminds us that we still have a long way to go before we achieve what Dr. King fought for and what we are fighting for now - open and fair housing and an end to racial and ethnic segregation.

This exhibit is sponsored by South Suburban Housing Center in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.



30 Color Photo Prints, mounted on foamback boards + easels for display
Maximum size of each photo is 18x24"
Photographer: Bernard Kleina

Included in the exhibit are images of Dr. King, Coretta Scott-King, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Raby, and Ralph Abernathy. As well as images of those who attempted to disrupt the peaceful marches.

Mr. Kleina's photos has been shown in more than 35 cities as well as at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, the Illinois State Capital Building, the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Toledo Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian and are some of the only known color photographs of King in Chicago.

Along with the exhibit, we would like to distribute postcards featuring Kleina's work as a take home gift for residents and to have a space to put out a few fair housing handout educational materials for people to pick up if they are inclined.


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, SSHC would like to share this exhibit with members of the south suburban communities of Chicago. We'd like to have the opportunity to showcase these historic and rare photos in places around our communities in order to educate those about the Fair Housing Act.

Dr. King was instrumental in the fight for open and fair housing both nationally and locally in the City of Chicago. Upon his assassination and the public reaction that followed, advocates gained the momentum necessary to pass the Fair Housing Act just 7 days later.

This exhibit demonstrates the devotion King and marchers had amongst strong opposition that allowed for the protections that we see today, 50 years later.


We're looking to exhibit these photos early 2018, primarily from January - April, which hold key observances such as Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, and the anniversary of the signing of the Fair Housing Act.

If there are special events happening to observe these occasions in the municipality or college, we could exhibit them during this, otherwise in another public space.