2017 Good Neighbor Award Recipients
Posted by the Community Affairs Department
March 10, 2017

2017 Good Neighbor Award Recipients

Category: Good Neighbor

Willie Graham

Nominated by: Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth said:

Willie was head of the "clean up committee" that he began in the neighborhood in 1988 and has continued to do his part in keeping the streets in the surrounding area clean since. He picks up trash along Willow and Wedgewood Road and helps keep paper, trash and debris out of the streets' drainage system. I wanted to show some appreciation for what Willie has done over the years.

Ron Edwards

Nominated by: Franklin M.:

Franklin said:

He is very kind to shovel our snow during all winter months for seniors who can't come out. Blessed to have him as a neighbor.

Tom and Geneva Healy

Nominated by: Martha R.

Martha said:

There are good neighbors, many on my block actually. But there are also extraordinary neighbors who are as rare as a priceless gem. The empathy that Tom and Geneva have for everyone does not go unnoticed by our entire block. To see them grabbing garbage cans, helping with the snow, or just calling to make sure everything is ok...Checking in with the elderly, being great listeners without judgment, holding our hands when we need it, giving us hope when we feel it's fading...Being blessed with such extraordinary neighbors has been a valuable gift that will forever be cherished.

Delores White

Nominated by: Deborah C.

Deborah said:

This neighbor was very observant and noticed that I was tired and sluggish. After much apprehension from me, she demanded that I attend the Matteson Health Fair. Upon attending, and Mrs. White standing in line for me, an EKG test disclosed that I'd had a heart attack. After going to Christ Hospital and having surgery, it was discovered that I'd had a major heart attack. The cardiologist said it was a blessing that I was still walking around. I would like to thank Mrs. White for being observant and not taking no for an answer after I was so resistant about medical services.

Jackie Harn

Nominated by: Samantha C.

Samantha said:

She helps the whole block with yard work, keeping the block looking nice (and safe!), and is a very generous and caring individual.

Bobby Lindholm

Nominated by: Clerk Dorothy Grisco

Clerk Grisco said:

Bobby is a neighbor who is always willing to help me. Since I am a widow, I need someone to help with heavy lifting, snow removal, and things that I cannot do, especially being a senior citizen and up in age.

Dolores Walker

Nominated by: Clerk Dorothy Grisco

Clerk Grisco said:

Dolores is Vice President of Maple Brook's social club. Her responsibility is to organize our annual picnic and Christmas party. I want to commend her on the wonderful job she has done in 2 years, which requires a lot of time and energy.

James and Kathy Taylor

Nominated by: Irene K.

Irene said:

I have two very wonderful and caring neighbors who have lived next door to me for 47 years. In the winter, James shovels my sidewalk and driveway. He will not take any money for this. In the summer, he shares his vegetable garden with all of the neighbors. His wife, Kathy sends delicious meals for me and we share dinners back and forth. Anything suspicious, they call 911.

Bruce Jones

Nominated by: Vera T.

Vera said:

Bruce epitomizes what a "good neighbor" should be. Bruce cleans the snow from not only my property and other senior citizens and disabled persons' properties. He also shares the veggies from his garden. Bruce is an all-around good neighbor who deserves this award.

Kayresia Tillman

Nominated by: Donna B.

Donna said:

Mrs. Tillman is a long-time Matteson resident, who readily avails herself to help others in the community. Kay is an experienced sign language interpreter. She was instrumental in starting a sign language ministry at her church; she serves on various committees for the Reaching Back Foundation. Whatever Kay is called to do, she does it with a beautiful smile on her face.

Scott Stoll and Lisa Terpening

Nominated by: Carollee J.

Carollee Said:

Scott shovels my driveway and sidewalk whenever it snows and will not take anything for his time and gas for his snow blower. If I have a problem in my home, all I have to do is call him and he comes over immediately to repair whatever is wrong.

Lisa is always there for support. Whether it be to bring me goodies, or give me a ride to a meeting. Recently, when a good friend passed away, she drove me to the wake and helped me get through a difficult time at the viewing. Scott and Lisa have taken me out and treated me to dinner on several occasions.

Scott and Lisa are also my main help at the American Legion.

Rhonda Johnson

Nominated by: Evelyn B.

Evelyn said:

Rhonda helps all of the surrounding houses with mowing lawns, shoveling snow, salting ice and taking out the garbage. She asks for nothing in return. She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She works all day and still finds time to help anyone with whatever they need.

Elzie Banks

Nominated by: Diane H. & Judson M.

Diane and Judson said:

As the developer-installed mailboxes in Trinity Creeks began to fail, many with doors falling off and posts leaning precariously, Elzie Banks utilized his expertise in the construction industry to design and install 29 unique mailboxes. Over the course of several months during the Spring and summer of 2016, Elzie worked with individual homeowners to create mailboxes for each home, which enhanced curb appeal and property values.

John Taylor

Nominated by: Diane H. & Judson M.

Diane and Judson said:

John Taylor exemplified his value in 2016. John took the initiative to research how our community might institute a neighborhood watch program. After conducting detailed research, John presented a carefully designed plan to the Trinity Creeks Board including statistics, costs and potential locations for the signs. The Board readily agreed that John's ideas would support our outgoing commitment to ensure that Trinity Creeks remains a safe community. The Neighborhood Watch signs are posted throughout Trinity Creeks and each home was provided Neighborhood Watch decals. Our community is safer due to John Taylor's initiative and concern for his neighbors.

Fern Bienas

Nominated by: Myrtis H.

Myrtis said:

I was new to the community, like a few others, new in planting flowers and lawn care. She would ask you if you liked a particular flower and the next thing you knew she would have a few to share.

On trash pickup day, if her neighbors are away for a long period of time, Fern would roll both dumpsters to the back or the side of the house. This woman takes pride in her community and is a valiant volunteer in and around the community.

Larry Hart

Nominated by: Sue S.

Sue said:

Larry is always offering and willing to lend a helping hand. My husband has Alzheimer's and is unable to do much. Larry shovels our snow, cuts my rose bushes, brings the newspaper to the porch, returns garbage cans to the garage, and anything else we may need. Larry always has a smile and never complains, even on the worst snow days when he does 3 driveways, 3 porches and 3 sidewalks.

Edward and Roseann Stozek

Nominated by: Lorraine D.

Lorraine said:

Ed and Roseann are a comfort to have as next door neighbors. Ed brings my mail every day and puts it in a bag to hang on my door, takes my garbage cans back in all kinds of weather and puts them in my garage. I never have to ask, he just does it. Great neighbors, always there for me.

Darryl Davis

Nominated by: Trustee Andre Satchell

Trustee Satchell said:

I truly would like to nominate Mr. Darryl Davis. He truly exemplifies this award. He shovels the older residents' snow; he is our neighborhood handyman if you need something small done. He helps me patrol our block as the block captain and he never asks for anything in return. Thank You.

Arah Martin

Nominated by: Romaine B.

Romaine said:

An integral part of Maple Brook. She serves as the secretary of social club and co-chairs Bingo, White Elephant Sale and various other functions. With all of the above mentioned duties, she still makes time to take people for their medical appointments, does their grocery shopping, and even walks their dogs. She always finds the time to help others.

Leonard Stallworth

Nominated by: Beverly M.

Beverly said:

When my husband became seriously ill, Len was always on hand to provide for me. I could call him any time of night or day. When my husband passed away, he continued to help me, plowed by driveway, cooked and shared meals, made well-being checks and kept me informed of our development and neighborhood happenings.

Category: Best Subdivision

Maple Brook

Nominated by: Mickey G.

Mickey said:

Maple Brook is a gated seniopr community. A place you can be comfortable to live in. It is beautiful and well kept. The people here look after one another and help one another. We have an HOA and a social club, parties, trips, bingo two times a month, and activities in the club house. It is a warm and friendly place to live.

Category: Business of the Year


Nominated by: the Village of Matteson

The Village said:

Throughout the years, Fuddrucker's has shown a constant commitment to the Matteson community. Every year, we can always count on Fuddrucker's to donate an entrée for our annual Taste of Matteson & Unity Day Celebration. This year, Tito (the general manager) said he wanted to do even more. Fuddrucker's played a HUGE role in this year's Breakfast with Santa Holiday festival, providing eggs and sliders for the hundreds of families who attended this year. They also provided gift bags for all of our Ugly Sweater Contest participants. Thank you to Fuddrucker's for your community spirit, and always willing to go the extra mile for the people of Matteson.


Nominated by: Gabriela G.

The Gabriela said:

Pepe's is another local restaurant that we can ALWAYS count on to take part in our Taste of Matteson. Additionally, Ricky and the Pepe's staff are known to be very kind and generous to Village staff when we come to visit for gatherings and celebrations. That also does not go unnoticed by our residents, as Pepe's was nominated by resident Gabriela Garcia who said:

Excellent Service, Great Food, Great Prices, Always looking out for the customer.

Olive Garden

Nominated by: the Village of Matteson

The Village said:

Olive Garden consistently provides us with very generous portions for our annual Taste of Matteson. Year after year, they've also provided us with gift cards and gift certificates to raffle off at our various events. Their property is always well maintained and above all, we appreciate their generosity, dedication to the community, and willingness to be a Good Neighbor to the Village.


Nominated by: the Village of Matteson

The Village said:

For the past three years, KinderCare has participated as a sponsor for our annual Breakfast with Santa Holiday Festival. We've been able to count on them to sponsor our "Hot Cocoa Zone," serving hot chocolate to our attendees to help get them in the holiday spirit. In addition, Dee Dee, the Center Director, takes time out of her schedule to personally run the holiday craft table for the same event each year. Thank you for your dedication to children and residents of all ages in Matteson.