Village of Matteson

Protect My Town
Posted by the Administration Department
June 26, 2015
Message from the Administrator

During our fiscal year 2015/2016 budget process the Village Board and staff were made aware of Governor Rauner's proposed state budget which included cuts to municipalities' share of state income tax revenue. It is the Governor's intention that these cuts will be spread over both the 2015 and 2016 budget years. Historically, the Local Government Distribution Fund (LGDF) was created over 45 years ago to provide municipalities with a share of the state income tax revenues. Sharing of the State income funds with municipalities is based upon the correct principal that a portion of the income taxes paid by residents should go directly back to the residents for their local communities. Municipalities have relied on the funds provided under LGDF as a means to provide necessary local services to their residents. Governor Rauner's 2016 State of Illinois budget at first called for a 50% reduction in LGDF revenue to municipalities. For Matteson it translates into an annual loss of close $940,945.00. The Governor's office has communicated that it eventually could exceed the projected 50%.

As you well know, a loss of revenue of this magnitude would be devastating to the Village of Matteson.

We respectfully request your assistance to help protect not only Matteson's share of LGDF funds but all communities who will be impacted by the Governor's action. Please go on-line to and voice your support to help safeguard your tax dollars. This website gives you the ability in three easy steps to send a letter to your state legislators and the Governor opposing any reductions to LGDF provided to municipalities.

Now is the time when all of us must speak up and speak out to make sure our tax dollars stay where they belong, in the Village of Matteson.