Construction Update - Quiet Zone at Cicero Ave, Central Ave & Ridgeland Ave 
The median construction is completed and the channelization is up at Ridgeland Avenue. They will be installing the new signs and the landscapers will be in later in the week to complete the restoration in the median on Cicero. The date for the Quiet Zone to begin is November 16th.

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Main Street Construction & Street Closure 
Starting on October 31st, CN will be performing repair work in the areas along the Main Street crossing that have settled since construction. The project should take 3-days.

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Front Street Construction 
Work is expected to begin under the Front Street viaduct as early as October 17th. The work will consist of sand blasting and painting the concrete and steel girders' under the eastern section of this underpass.

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Main Street Railroad Crossing Closing 
The Main Street railroad crossing will be closed beginning on October 30, 2012 through November 2, 2012. Canadian National Railway will be making repairs to the crossing during this time.

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Great News about the Quiet Zone!  
We've received word that the Quiet Zone construction will begin October 8, 2012. They are anticipating the construction taking 30 working days. The construction crews are replacing the concrete median on Cicero Avenue and adding channelization markers to Ridgeland Ave.

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